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TerraVitaé will aim to preserve biodiversity, ecosystems, and promote not only eco-citizenship but also individual autonomy (food and energy autonomy, self-construction, etc.)

Le Mill of Fourneau, ideally located, Atheart of the green valley of the Nièvre, between river and forest allows Sylvie and Julien to realize one of their old dreams, "TerraVitaé".

This is how, among other things, they will create a garden (orchard, vegetable garden) in permaculture, and the mill turbine will if possible be restarted for domestic electricity production...

In order to allow you to enjoy the magic of this little green paradise, Sylvie and Julien will offer you in a short time to reside in the TerraVitaé Lodgings, self-built, eco-responsible and straight out of the world of Entropîum of the Hairy Stone.

Our two Artists will not fail to share with us the evolution of their work, the evolution of TerraVitaé on this page and their blog.

To be continued. 




The TerraVitaé project was born from the deep and common attachment of Sylvie and Julien to Nature, its fauna, its flora.

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