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Fumigation Stick - Smudge stick "Purification Protection"

For purification and protection rituals

Plants: Rosemary, bay leaf, sage....

Approx 10cm and 80g


All our fumigation sticks are handcrafted, by hand, by us.

They are made with plants that are 99% harvested from our plantations or harvested locally. The remaining 1%, those that cannot be cultivated for climatic reasons, are organic and come from fair trade agriculture. Each stick is unique.

Their manufacturing process took place over several months,to the rhythm of the seasons and nature.


A fumigation stick is abouquet of plants or dried flowers assembled withintention using a natural string that we burn so that its smoke permeates a place, a room, our body or our mind. The vapors are then charged withvirtues of plants. It can have several uses: cleaning a place, a deck of cards (oracles, tarot cards), crystals or even interior purification. They can also be used before a meditation session. They allow you to clean the space, rebalance your energies and discharge the negative energies accumulated on a daily basis.


Use and Safety Tips

Into a roomairy, using a match or the flame of a candle, light the end of the fumigation stick, the plants will crackle slightly and turn red. Then, gently blow or wave it in the air to extinguish the flame.

Hold yourSmudge stick on top of a bowl.

Set your intention, what do you want this ritual to bring you?

Two options are available to you:

• Move around and spread the smoke in the areas you want to purify.

• Place it in a dish, the fumigation stick will burn slowly on its own.


After a few minutes of use, the fumigation stick turns itself off. If not, gently dab the tip in water. Wait until it is completely dry for next use.

Warning: Do not leave your lit fumigation bouquet unattended, be vigilant throughout its use until it is completely extinguished.


Fumigation Stick - Smudge stick "Purification Protection"

SKU: BFe006
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