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Small Witch Altar Broom "besom"

Handcrafted in hazelnut and decorated with a silver pentagram

Each broom is unique

Approx 30cm and 26g


The broom, in witchcraft, is a tool of purification, protection allowing you to clean your interior, altar... of bad energies, before your rituals.
It is also used to protect your home.

The broom is not only the most common symbol of witches, but also the oldest magical tool. It's a magical tool for  for purification, protection, healing and love spells. 


A broom hung on a door, in a window, above a bed, etc. will have a protective role so that no evil can penetrate and cross this barrier.

Witch's Altar Broom "besom"

SKU: BAe001
12,00 €Price
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