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Vial of Black Protective Salt with St. John's Wort

Salt, St. John's Wort ashes...

Net weight: 50g

Approx 6cm high


All our Spell Bottles - Spell Jars are handcrafted, by hand, by us.

Black salt is known to be a powerful protector, producing a barrier effect. It is often used in front of house entrances and along garden paths to ward off bad encounters. 

It strengthens energetic purification and protects the home, wards off the evil eye, prevents residual energies from stagnating, preserves negative emotions during difficult periods or events, reinforces the power of defense and banishing rituals, helps to repel what is negative for oneself, helps to reject and banish (toxic person, addiction, bad habit).

It can be used in several ways, at your convenience. You can scatter a thin line along the front door or driveway of the house, offer it to a loved one to protect them, leave it on the altar so that it diffuses its energies . Use salt in a banishing ritual or to reinforce the power of protective talismans. You can also add it to your ritual candles by heating them slightly and rolling them in a little salt. (be careful with salt, they can crackle).


Vial of Black Protective Salt

SKU: Bse008
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