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Sylvie Camier Artist Painter Portrait Artist Plastic artist listed Drouot

S Camier

Painter Artist Portraitist

Visual Artist

The Artworks of Sylvie Camier blend seamlessly into the deepest twists and turns of our souls, the seat of our melancholy aspirations, our torments and hopes.

As much a midwife as an exhumer, Sylvie Camier is a painter, visual artist, sculptor, who exploits the themes of the psyche and mysticism in order to provoke reflection on our own states of mind.

His approach aims, by means of figurative themes, to trigger emotions, provoke reactions, to put the spectator face to face with his own condition, his own feelings, sufferings, joys, each finding his own story.

Emotion finds its full expression in the reminiscence of our own feelings and experiences and opens us to reflection both on others and on ourselves.

At a time when appearance and dematerialization have become omnipresent in our world, it takes us out of our daily normopathy by immersing us in the material of a flesh doll bewitched with life, leading us to be more than to appear, to see what lies beyond appearances.

She is the incarnation of an authentic need to create, to celebrate the richness of human sensations and feelings, opposing the materiality of man, the immateriality of his soul, his spirit. All delicacy, all gentleness, through the disproportionate eyes of the faces of her “Sorcelaine” she leads us to cross the mirror of the soul, to combine part of flesh with part of soul, part of mortality with part of immortality.

The Paintings of Sylvie Camier Artist Painter Portrait Artist Visual Artist
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