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About the Artists

Artists' Workshop and Art Crafts

When Art and Artistic Crafts mingle.

Julien Maudrait Artisan of Art
Sylvie Camier Painter, Portrait Artist, Visual Artist

On one side, Sylvie Camier, Painter - Portraitist and Visual Artist, with a predilection for oil painting, symbolism and "DarkArt". A jack of all trades who paints, sculpts, models, engraves...and customizes furniture, objects and bones.

On the other, Julien Maudrait, Artisan, Visual Artist. Jeweler of the Forgotten Stones, Jeweler of the Fallen Stones. A jack of all trades who sculpts, models, embosses and sews leather, works with wood, iron and anything that falls into his hands.

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The Fourneau Mill

The Mill of Fourneau is located in Burgundy between Nièvres and forests, a stone's throw from the Morvan and more precisely in the county of Bertranges, in Prémery. Prémery is an ancient castle town where the bishops of Nevers had established their summer quarters.

With its central location in the heart of Nièvre, between forests and rivers, it was the European capital of wood chemistry for more than a century.

From the beginning of 17th centurycentury to our days, the Mill of Fourneau was the metallurgical factory known as the Prémery blast furnace, then it was a wheat mill, flour mill, sawmill and house.

Coat of arms of the Moulin du Fourneau
Morvan and Nièvre Mills Association

Owners of mills, water mills, wind mills....

River residents,

Lovers of mills, rivers and bodies of water


The Association of Mills du Morvan & of Nièvre

Morvan and Nièvre Mills Association

The AMMN aims to preserve and promote the economic, historical and natural capital represented by the mills of Nièvre and Morvan.



The TerraVitaé project was born from the deep and common attachment of Sylvie and Julien to Nature, its fauna, its flora.


TerraVitaé  fantastic gîtes le moulin du fourneau Prémery 58 Nièvre Moran France

TerraVitaé will aim to preserve biodiversity, ecosystems, and promote not only eco-citizenship but also individual autonomy (food and energy autonomy, self-construction, etc.)


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The Moulin du Fourneau in 1796
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