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Fourneau Mill

The Fourneau Mill

8 Rue du Fourneau 58700 Premery

Newses and Projects

Le Mill of Fourneau, its News, our Projects

On October 7, 2020, we (Sylvie and Julien) became the new owners of Mill ofFourneau 58700 Premery. France. After having been the so-called "Premey Blast Furnace" factory, flour mill, wheat mill and sawmill, we are shaping the destiny of the oldbuilding to be an Artist's Workshop, an Art Craftsman's Workshop.

But wasn't she already that  formerly?

Having always been more a factory than a house, the old millneed major transformations and renovations.

7 years maximum, this is the objective that we have set for ourselves, knowing that 98% of the work will be carried out by our little handseco-responsible

Our short-term projects:

A restored mill, with turbine producing part of the domestic electricity + its mini historical museum

A vegetable garden, orchard in permaculture

An artists' workshop/gallery, "L'Entropium de La Pierre Poilue"

Magical eco-responsible lodgings “Terravitaé”

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