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Handmade Candle of Intention and “Purification” Ritual

Rosemary, bay leaf, sage....

Model: mii Approx 4.5x4cm and 46g


An intention candle is made to help you find within yourself the inspiration, the will and the energy to realize your wishes. It allows you to channel and increase your energy strength. Intention is the foundation of all rituals. The intention candle is a support for energy transmission towards the subtle. It amplifies and supports the power of your intention.


All our candles are made by hand in our workshop.

They are made with 100% vegetable wax, European Rapeseed.

The plants included come 99% from the harvest from our plantations or from local picking.

The remaining 1%, those that cannot be cultivated for climatic reasons, are organic and come from fair trade agriculture.


Charge your candle with good energies and seal the ritual with your intention: Wrap the candle in your hands and visualize the energy like an aura moving along your arm towards the candle. Or Breathe your energy into the candle. Visualize your breath enveloping the candle and infusing itself within it. You can also recite a small incantation. Light your candle and begin your ritual. Once the flame is lit, focus your thoughts and intentions on this flame in order to truly embody this spell and help it take the direction you desire. Be very precise, realistic and use positive language, in the present tense and without negations. Once finished, do not extinguish the flame with your breath. Let the candle burn down to the end or extinguish it with a snuffer or your damp fingers. Above all, don't forget to thank the elements, the gods, the Great Everything...


Safety Tips in photo of description

+ Be careful to put the candle in a fire-resistant container; when it burns, the plants contained and the salt may ignite and crackle. 

Intention Candle and “Purification” Ritual

SKU: Boe027
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