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Spell Bottle - Spell Jar "Love - Kindness"

For rituals of Love and  Kindness

Plants: Rose, basil, rosemary, cinnamon, ginger....

Approx 110g - 6cm high


All our Spell Bottles - Spell Jars are handcrafted, by hand, by us.

They are made with plants that are 99% harvested from our plantations or harvested locally. The remaining 1%, those that cannot be cultivated for climatic reasons, are organic and come from fair trade agriculture. Each vial is unique.

Their manufacturing process took place over several months,to the rhythm of the seasons and nature, between picking and drying.


A witch's bottle or spell jar Or encore magic vial is a small glass container in which "magical" ingredients are placed to transform a simple pot into a concrete representation of a spell.
Although the principle of spell jars is very simple, this tool allows all those who practice magic; or the positive visualization ofmaterialize their intentions.
Through the ingredients that you place in this container, it is your thoughts and desires that you bring together in order to better formulate your intention and make your dreams come true.
Witches' bottles are an ancient form of folk magic that dates back toin the middle Ages. These vials were mainly usedto ward off the evil eye or evil spirits.
Nowadays, spell jars are no longer just used for protection purposes but have a much wider range of uses. According to followers of this method, these little magic vials are veryversatile. They have the power to attract love, luck or success according to the law of attraction.
Whether or not you practice magic and witchcraft that are just words, you can use them as positive visualization tools tofocus your attention on your goals and give shape to your dreams. These vials are based on the same principle as visualization boards.


Can be used in several ways at your convenience:

To activate it: hold it in your hands to imbue it with your energy by visualizing your intention.

Meditate on your intention, cast your spell

You can also call for help from spirits, forces, deities, what, who, you believe.

But be careful, do not open the doors of your Aura, inner self... (which I call Blue Cold Fire) to just anyone, the world of the invisible can be very dangerous. ;

So whatever spirits are called, the better you know them, the better the spell. 

Use your intuition because the spells we make ourselves are always more effective.

Complete your spell

Then, you can bury it, hide it, throw it in water, keep it with you (in a small bag, or in your purse), keep it at home, keep it on your altar or take it apart. What you choose depends on what you are trying to accomplish.


If you are looking for permanent protection or to break or repel a curse, bury it. This will serve as a sentinel over your property and protect you (or the property of the person you cast the spell for). If you don't have land, you can bury it in an earthen flowerpot left at your door.

You want your pot to be a sort of magnet to continue attracting things to you (attention, love, health, success, wealth, etc.). Bury it on your property or on the property of the person concerned. Or leave it on your Altar.

You are trying to get rid of something (or a person) or a bad habit, bury the jar at a crossroads, don't look back and if possible never return to the scene.

Disassemble the pot if the power of the spell is no longer needed and you want the effects to stop. To dismantle the spell, remove its contents and bury them at a crossroads or empty the contents into running water, clean the container, purify it, and do with what you wish.

Spell Bottle - Spell Jar "Love - Kindness"

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